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Our friendship began the moment our wonderful husbands introduced us.  Alexis found herself in need of a second photographer for weddings, and Savannah graciously stepped in.  She was a natural with a creative eye.  We found that we worked so well together and that our photography styles complement each other. Things only grew from there!  Now, we are two friends who are wives and moms that love to capture special moments!  




My name is Alexis but my friends call me Lex.  I am the "L" in L.A.S. Photography. 

My passion for photography was ignited just after I had my first child in the summer of 2011. Like so many new moms, I wanted to capture this special time with newborn photos of my daughter. My mother-in-law, my step-mom, and I decided to do our own newborn photo shoot in my dining room. Little did I know that I was about to embark on something much bigger.


We spent hours making sure we got just the right shots that would allow us to relive the excitement and wonder we felt at that time in our lives. By the end of the day, I was in love with the idea of being able to capture these moments for others as well.  I’m now a busy mom of two and I often find myself wishing life had a pause button. I still cherish those newborn photos and my love for capturing special moments for others has grown. I have continued to pursue my passion for photography so others can relive moments through photos as well.


My name is Savannah.  I am the "S" in L.A.S. Photography. 

I started this journey by helping Lex out as her second photographer not knowing what this would turn into. It is truly a passion and a hidden talent the Lord has revealed to me! I love capturing raw and organic photos that tell a story that are unique in its own way. My love and passion for birth photography started after I volunteered to take my sister-in-law's birth and fresh 48 pictures just for fun! It was the BEST experience watching them become parents to their new baby girl.  I was happy I was able to capture every special detail for them that they can forever look back on and relive! It all started from there and I hope I can capture every special detail for new parents, families, and happy couples because you only get to live in those special moments once, so cherish them forever!

I am from Maryland where I was born & raised. I am married to my high school sweetheart, mama to the sweetest baby girl, and dog mama to the cutest golden doodle named Sadie! I love everything pumpkin, spending my free time snuggled up to my family, and sipping on Starbucks while shopping for unnecessary things at Target! I can't wait to get to know you and document your story!

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